4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdated Kitchen

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Did you know the average American house was built before 1980? Living in a house with a kitchen that’s several decades old means it’s time to put your resources toward a brilliant kitchen remodel. In fact, according to Earthweb, the kitchen is the most popular part of a home to remodel, with 81% of renovating homeowners focusing on this area. Here are some reasons to update your outdated kitchen.

1. Smart Technology

Smart kitchen technology is all the rage, and more and more appliances are on the market. From microwaves to refrigerators to dishwashers, you can buy luxury high-tech appliances that are energy-efficient. In addition to having appliances that look beautiful, they can also help you manage your life. For example, you can get a refrigerator that reminds you that you’re out of certain items and creates a shopping list.

2. More Cooking Space

If you or someone else in your home loves to cook, you can never have too much space in your kitchen. According to most homeowners, the kitchen island is a centerpiece of their home. With today’s modern designs, you can do a show-stopping kitchen remodel by installing a double island. These islands have come onto the scene and made a splash in many modern homes and decor magazines. They incorporate two islands that are sometimes connected by a stone slab. In addition to making a striking centerpiece in your home, a double island is also highly efficient since you now have extra space to cook and sit around.

3. Entertainment

Do you love showing off your beautiful home by hosting parties and other fun gatherings? A kitchen remodel will let you do so with ease. When you let everyone gather in your kitchen, you can show off your brilliant remodel and draw positive attention to your interior design.

4. Sleek Shelving

Any kitchen needs good storage. You can either increase the number of cabinets you have or optimize your space even further by creating open shelving. One of the more popular open shelving designs includes floating shelves. Not only do open shelves provide an eye-catching yet minimal design; they also allow you to show off your new appliances, dishes, glasses, and more.

There’s no reason to have a beautiful home with an outdated kitchen from decades ago. The Hassett Designs team can give you a kitchen remodel that will bring your home into the modern era and give you a kitchen that will be the envy of friends and neighbors. Contact us today for a consultation.

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