Accessories You Need for Your Next Home Remodel

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You have probably heard about smart homes before. But what exactly makes a smart home? Is it the interior design? The smart home market keeps growing, and soon, a home’s value might start being determined by how smart it is. According to Statista, the smart home market is expected to reach about $53.5 billion in 2022. Apart from the advanced interior design, here are some accessories that you need to turn your home into your smart home.

Ultra-Fast WiFi Router

If you are planning to automate your home at some point, you will need a WiFi router with the fastest speeds and the best range. The majority of cheap WiFi routers have a difficult time delivering the available bandwidth when multiple users are connected. The disadvantage of such routers is that everyone’s speed will then be determined by the speed of the oldest and slowest device connected at the time. More advanced routers eliminate such issues by adding extra traffic lanes. When the router identifies a slow and old device, it channels the faster devices to the new traffic lane. That way, everyone can enjoy the fastest connections.

Motion-Sensor Power Strip

You are probably wondering why you will need a motion sensor power strip when you next remodel your home. Well, modern homes have a lot of devices that use electricity. Most of these devices draw power even when they are switched off. A motion sensor power strip can eliminate this problem. It will shut off all power-sucking devices that are not in use. The power strip is controlled by whatever device is plugged into the “control” receptacle and a motion sensor as well. If you turn off the device or leave the room for more than 30 minutes, it then turns off every other connected device, helping you save a lot of electricity.

Automatic Water Shutoff

Water leaks can lead to serious costs. This is why you need an automatic water shutoff to monitor your control valve. These units are installed after the main shutoff valve. The system functions together with water sensors that should be installed near the most likely leaks. For instance, you can connect them near toilets and dishwashers. If any of the sensors detect water, they then signal the control valve to shut off. You can also install a sensor that cuts off the water when temperatures fall below 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the house. This might not prevent pipes from bursting, but it can prevent flooding and water damage.

These are some of the accessories that you need when next you remodel your house. Contact us if you are looking for someone to help with interior design and identify more additions to make your house smarter.

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