How to Get the Most From Your Kitchen Redesign

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Looking through images on social media of beautifully updated kitchens might get you excited to plan a kitchen redesign for your own home. In addition to making your home more functional and attractive, a kitchen remodel can also make your home more valuable. According to Bob Vila, a full kitchen renovation can provide an ROI as high as 72%. Let’s look at a couple of ideas that can really add more value to your kitchen.

Adding an Island

If your kitchen doesn’t currently have an island, this addition is a must. A kitchen island is practically a requirement for any modern, functional kitchen. If you’re planning on selling your home soon, buyers will be on the lookout for an island. However, even if you’re planning on staying, you should consider this addition for your own enjoyment of your kitchen.

Use Simple, Neutral Cabinets

While planning a renovation, you might get tempted to get really creative with some of your choices. This is fine if you plan to stay in the home forever, but if you have any plans of selling the home in the future, you need to think neutral and functional. Cabinets will be a huge part of your kitchen remodeling budget, so you need to be really thoughtful about the choices you make. Stick to classic styles such as Shaker and use universally appealing colors to get the most resale value.

Be Mindful of the Cabinet Grade

Beyond cabinet style, you also need to give some consideration to cabinet grades. Cabinets come in a few different grades including custom, semi-custom, stock, and ready-to-assemble. Custom cabinets always provide the best ROI as far as resale value goes for your home. Custom cabinets also have a wider variety of options to choose from in finishes and colors. Keep in mind that custom cabinets may not be the most budget-friendly option, but they are definitely the best for adding value.

Choose Marble Countertops

Marble countertops continue to be a huge pull for potential homebuyers. If your counters need updating, you should pick the material that has consistently brought the best ROI. Marble continues to be popular because it’s timeless and durable.

If you are planning a kitchen redesign, contact our team at Hassett Designs today. We will be happy to help you plan and execute your new kitchen. We are here for all of your kitchen renovation needs.

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