Custom Window
Treatments & Blinds

Custom window treatments and blinds add the wow factor to a room, tying the design together and adding a much-needed element of beauty to every space they’re in.

Beauty + Function

Extraordinary custom designs and comfort control

When you’re designing your dream space, it’s important to understand the focal points within the room, and windows are certainly one. Our designers at Hassett Designs offer you endless variety of options available when choosing custom blinds. From blinds to shutters to shades, today’s window treatments come in a bevy of different colors, patterns and even shapes. Aside from aesthetics, custom blinds give you comfort control and energy saving–helping reduce the risk of losing energy and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. The amount you save depends on which window treatments you have.

Custom Window Treatments
for Style and Function

Our designers at Hassett Designs are passionate about the beautiful transformation custom-designed window treatments can make in a client’s home. Although custom window treatments can often be considered an afterthought in completing the design of a space, we encourage all homeowners to consider it to be part of a space’s design plan. Not only will your custom window treatments add an element of uniqueness to your space– the “icing on the cake” to your aesthetic, they’re also a functionally smart investment in controlling temperature and ensuring privacy in your home.

Are you ready to add stunning

custom window treatments to your home?

If you’re looking to invest in long-lasting window treatments and transform your room with an added element of beauty, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Hassett Designs has the expertise and know-how to create stunning custom window treatments and blinds that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. Contact us today to get started with a complimentary consultation to discuss your Angola, Auburn, Fort Wayne, Indiana custom window treatments.