Tips When Starting a Whole Home Renovation

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Renovating your entire home may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You must determine the timeline, estimate the cost, and establish what needs to be renovated first. Below is a list of tips to keep in mind when starting a whole home renovation project.

Have a Budget

Establish your budget, stick with it, and factor in contingency funds to cater to unexpected costs. Incidental costs include the costs of taking a night or two in a hotel, or the cost of eating out when your kitchen is being renovated. Working with reputable interior designers ensures your home is envisioned within the set budget.

Choose Your Preferred Style and Design

Establish what you want to be installed in your new space, as a whole house remodel facilitates a total style overhaul. Settle on the preferred themes and styles, then consult your interior designers to establish how they fit with the plan. Ensure each room has a cohesive design and style when undertaking a home renovation. Whether you are looking for a traditional style or a modern look, you can consult your home renovation contractor to guide you with various designs and ideas for your home.

Research Available Professionals

Take your time and chat with family members, friends, or neighbors regarding the home renovation contractors they have worked with and if they faced any challenges during the renovation process. Talking to past clients is crucial as it helps you know whether the prospective interior designers are trustworthy, responsible, and punctual. You may request detailed bids and solicit quotes from various whole home renovation contractors before hiring one. The contractors will estimate the cost depending on your renovation plan. It would be best if you balanced every contractor’s availability and reputation to establish the right expert for the project.

Establish Your End Goal

Establish your end goal before deciding how extensive your home renovation will be. You need to determine whether the upgrades are dedicated to raising the property’s resale value or whether you will be staying in the house for years to come. Assess the condition of the neighborhood and evaluate the renovation projects with an excellent return on investment. Homeowners with plans to stay on their property for a long time are advised to pursue renovation projects that prioritize their comfort.

Obtain Necessary Permits

Most homeowners forget to obtain permits when undertaking whole home renovation projects. Building permits are crucial as they ensure your home remodel meets fire safety and structural requirements. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, acquiring or replacing new appliances, landscaping the yard, and painting your home’s interior are the most preferred home improvement projects. Planning to secure the licenses minimizes the headaches when you decide to sell your home.

You are advised to stay in touch with the renovation team if you plan to work with them in the future. Call us today for more information about home renovation projects if you want a reliable home contractor.

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