Why You Should Consider High-End Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

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A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. When it comes to materials, tile remains the most popular choice. According to the National Association of Realtors, tile is commonly used in the shower, bathroom, kitchen, and floor. That’s because high-end tile comes with numerous benefits for bathrooms.


High-end tiles can be found in every color and pattern imaginable. Opt for marble patterns to add a touch of elegance, or select vibrant colors for a splash of personality. The enhanced visual appeal will guarantee that your bathroom feels like a retreat instead of a burden.


High-end tiles are carefully crafted. They undergo a meticulous process to ensure that they can withstand daily wear and tear without breaking down. When these tiles are correctly installed, they can last for years. Tiles are also water-resistant, ensuring they won’t get ruined by high humidity.


Tiles are notorious for being low-maintenance. Other types of flooring often require special care. For example, you can only use specific cleaners on wood floors, or it will ruin the wood. You don’t have to worry about that with tile floors. Mop them as you usually would and immediately clean up spills on the grout.


These tiles’ versatility is another critical benefit during a bathroom remodel. They can be installed in various patterns, such as a classic brick pattern or a unique mosaic. Tiles can be used in the shower, floor, or countertop to create a cohesive decorating scheme. Homeowners can even use them as shower walls.


High-end tiles are more than just another decorating trend; they are an investment. Tiles will last for decades, so they’ll be in great shape when you sell your home. The high-quality materials and enhanced visual appeal will instantly make your home worth more. The aesthetic will help you sell the house faster, too.


Ceramic tile is frequently used in bathroom remodeling because it is naturally resistant to bacteria. Porous stone tiles and other absorbent materials often absorb bacteria, creating an unhygienic environment. Then, the high humidity levels in the bathroom help bacteria multiply, putting your family’s health at risk.

Utilizing high-end tile during a bathroom remodel drastically increases the aesthetic appeal, is sanitary, and it’s low maintenance. This versatile material can be used in combination with any decorating scheme. Contact us at Hassett Designs today to learn about the tiles we have available.

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